Introduction to Geosciences
Parcours : Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

  • Cours (CM) 12h
  • Cours intégrés (CI) -
  • Travaux dirigés (TD) 3h
  • Travaux pratiques (TP) 3h
  • Travail étudiant (TE) 27h

Langue de l'enseignement : Anglais

Enseignement proposé : en présentiel enrichi de ressources pédagogiques numériques

Niveau de l'enseignement : B2-Avancé - Utilisateur indépendant

Description du contenu de l'enseignement

Regardless of your specialty, this course is designed to give you basic knowledge of the Earth, its systems from the top of the atmosphere to the metallic core and the interactions with human societies.

The main topics are:
  • Earth history (from the Big Bang to now), formation and composition
  • Earth dynamics: the different spheres of the Earth, their interactions and functioning (the rock cycle, plate tectonic, weather patterns, ocean currents, etc.)
  • The tools of the trade: remote sensing, field / laboratory technics and analysis, how to read a map and what is a geoscience signal
  • Geoscience in the society: Earth resources and their uses, human’s place in the Earth systems, the jobs related to geoscience
This class is composed of theoretical lessons and practical sessions were you will be able to apply basic skill used by all geoscientists. The evaluation is in three part with a written exam, a practical exercise, and an evaluation of participation skills.

Compétences à acquérir

By the end of this course, students should be able to:
  • comprehend Earth’s formation, history and dynamics
  • use geoscience terminology associated to each Earth’s systems
  • state the different ways human observe and study the Earth
  • identify the Earth resources, usage in the societies and the implied consequences

Bibliographie, lectures recommandées

  1. An Introduction to Geology (Johnson, Affolter, Inkenbrandt, and Mosher)
  2. An Introduction to Geology. Free Textbook for College-Level Introductory Geology Courses
  3. Marshak, S. (20191). Earth: Portrait of a Planet: sixth International Student Edition. WW Norton & Company

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