Physics Lab training / Physics 3&4

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Langue de l'enseignement : Anglais

Enseignement proposé en : en présence

Description du contenu de l'enseignement

Series of experiments related to the programme of physics being taught in teaching units "physics 3" and "physics 4". It is based on thermodynamics, electricity, electronics, solid and fluid mechanics.

Pohl's pendulum: Experimental evidence of a second order differential equation. Influence of the components on the quality pulsation and the quality factor of the circuit.
Critical point: Identification of Virial coefficients during phase transition. Search for critical pressure and temperature.
Transformer: Discovery of the behavior of transformers. Measurement of the power output in function fo load and frequency. Measurement of the iron losses in the core.
RLC – Filtering / Negative resistance: Creation of a negative resistance and use of it to build of a RLC self sustained oscillator. Opportunity to measure an exponential increase.
Diodes: Find the caracteristics of a diode and its properties in a circuit. Use of diode to build different rectifier circuits.
Op Amp: Experimental evidence of the properties of operational amplifier in linear mode and open loop. Realization of linear amplifier circuits.
Harmonic mode / Smartphone audio output: Measurement of the properties of audio output of a smartphone (Thevenin model equivalent).
Amplification chain / 2nd order band pass: Hilights on the properties of an amplification chain (limitations, noise, gain – band pass product).

Compétences à acquérir

The student will be able to:
- use the relevant measurement devices
- perform data acquisition
- perform data analysis, including graphs
- write a report
- work within a team

Pré-requis obligatoires

teaching units "physics 1&2" with related practical work
teaching unit "physics 3" and on going teaching unit "physics 4" during the semester


Faculté de physique et ingénierie

3-5, rue de l'Université

Formulaire de contact


Robin Merine


Ali Huseyn Dovlatov

Robin Merine

Orkhan Huseynov

Gulnaz Gahramaova

Gulyaz Najafova

Shamil Gudavasov

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