The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science testifies to the central position of mathematics within the University of Strasbourg and to the development of information science.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science welcomes more than 2000 students, 150 teacher-researchers, teachers and doctoral students. In addition, more than thirty administrative officers ensures the proper functioning of the services.

The particularity of the faculty’s courses is their proximity to scientific research. Teacher-researchers are all attached to a research unit : The Institute of Advanced Mathematical Research (IRMA) for mathematicians and the Laboratory of Engineering, Computer Science and Imaging (ICube) for computer scientists. These two units represent a very broad spectrum of scientific research in mathematics and computer science respectively. Scientific research is represented both by its theoretical and applied research.

The faculty provides the teaching of mathematics and computer science at all levels, except in the BUT. The bachelor's degree and master's degree offers two specializations : Mathematics and Computer Science; the master's degree specializations are then each divided into several programs. In addition, special programs are offered such as the Advanced Mathematics and Physics program in the Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics , the Professional Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science, the Professional Master's Degree in Computer Project Management, the Mathematics Magisterium and the University Diploma in Actuarial Science.

Teacher-researchers also teach courses in mathematics and computer science for other parts of the university and collaborate with other local institutions of higher education.

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