Internal CAPES competitive examination

Presentation and objectives

In coordination with the Rectorat, the mathematics department organizes a preparation for the oral exam of the internal CAPES in mathematics on Wednesday afternoons, every two weeks starting in November.

Registration for the preparation is done via the site of the rectorate of Strasbourg and is distinct from the registration for the competition open from October 18 to November 18, 2022 at the address

Training Location:
The courses will take place in room E.14 of the new Studium in 2022 and in room C31-GPI from January 4, 2023 at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, 7 rue René Descartes, Strasbourg
schedule : 2pm - 5pm
An information meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 12, 2022 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in room E.14 of the Studium, 2 rue Blaise Pascal.

Conditions for obtaining the competition:
The eligibility test consists of the study by a jury of a file of recognition of professional experience (RAEP), which must be sent at the end of November 2022 (date to come).

More information on : des recrutements.html

The admission test consists of an oral followed by an interview with the jury.
The proposed training course helps candidates prepare for the oral. Candidates take turns choosing to present a topic that has been proposed to them 15 days before the training,
The trainers question them and complete their presentation in order to enrich their resources.

Plus de précision en consultant le rapport de jury : CAPES de Mathématiques

Calendar for the preparation of the internal CAPES 2022/2023

Preparation for orals: 11/9; 11/23; 12/7; 01/04; 01/18; 02/01; 03/01; 03/15; 03/23; 04/12

3 themes are addressed at each session, themes to come. :

Wednesday, November 9:
Magnitudes and measures geometry/numeration link; Proportionality in middle school; Functions in second grade/demonstration on variation of functions

Wednesday, November 23:
Descriptive statistics in middle school; Statistics in high school (modeling - spreadsheet simulations - python); Proport./percentages and evolution in high school

Wednesday, December 7:
Thales/similar triangles enlargement; Geometry in the right triangle; Line problem Affine functions/vector geometry link

Wednesday, January 4:

Numbers in Cycle 3; Numbers in Cycle 4; Nature of numbers

Wednesday, January 18:
Transformations in college; Plane geometry problems in second subject college/high school; Derivability, derivative number/derivation

Wednesday, February 1:
Algorithms in college; Algorithms in second grade (link to college); Algorithms (dichotomy, list concept, sweep ...)

Wednesday, March 1:
Introduction to literal calculus in cycle 4; Problem leading to the solution of an equation; Problem involving numerical sequences

Wednesday, March 15:
Different types of reasoning in college, including quadrilaterals; Problem solving topic college/high school; Arithmetic and various forms of reasoning

Wednesday, March 29:
Right block; Volume calculations; Setting up ritual activities middle school/high school topic

Wednesday, April 12:
Notions of probability (progression from 5th grade); Probability in the second grade; Random variables and conditional probabilities, enumeration

The preparation for the internal CAPES is supervised by trainers from the IREM and the Rectorat:
Tiphaine Adam, Roselyne Audeoud, Emilie Bled, Lucie Fleurence, Anne-Elise Ratel, Anne Schultz, Christian Schultz, Marion Senjean, Guillaume Vasseur, Jean-Luc Vauthier

In charge of the trainings coordination :

Person in charge

Rectorat de Strasbourg
Math Department

To join the office : +33 03 88 23 38 71